2016/17 Ballet Class Schedule

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Please note: All classes that are designed "By Placement" are classes that are associated with our Youth Company packages. If you wish to enroll in one of these classes without joining the Youth Company, you must contact the school office at 415.454.5759 †denotes change from printed brochure

Creative Movement (2.5 yrs)

Rhythm & Dance (3 yrs)*

Intro to Dance (4 yrs)

Pre Ballet 1 (5 yrs)

Pre Ballet 2 (6 yrs)

Pre Ballet 3 (7 yrs)

Ballet 1 (8 yrs)

Ballet 2 (9 yrs)

Ballet 3 (by placement)

Ballet 3/4 (by placement)

Ballet 4 (by placement)

Ballet 5 (by placement)

Ballet 5/6 (by placement)

Ballet 6 (by placement)

Ballet 6/Adv1 (by placement)

Advanced 1 (by placement)

Advanced 2/3 (by placement)

Advanced 3 (by placement)

Advanced 4 (by placement)

Apprentice 2 Company

Pre Junior 1 Company

Pre Junior 2 Company

Junior Company

Senior 1 Company

Senior 2/3 Company

Senior 3/4 Company

Beg/Int Teen Ballet

Adult Ballet